Monserrate como el Cerro


  • Angelica Blandon
  • Jesus Andrew Narvaes
  • Nataly Umana


  • Famor Botero


  • Comedy
  • Romance


Henry Worthington, Monserrate’s boss, sends her to Bogotá to track down the missing person who was supposed to establish the Colombian branch of his Modeling Agency. Upon her arrival, Monserrate discovers the house he purchased in Bogotá is far from becoming a modeling agency. Instead, it has become a hotel for emerging artists, models and all sorts of strange individuals. Ignoring the orders given by Mr. Worthington, she lets herself be swept away by Harry (the only gringo in the house), the environment, the strange personalities and the situations she finds herself in, all the while hiding her identity and the real reason for her visit. Without knowing that Harry is the missing person, as well as Mr. Worthington’s son, Monserrate becomes a better version of herself the more time she spends by his side. Harry helps her rediscover her love for Colombia, which she lost when she emigrated to the United States. Amid absurd situations, crazy characters and a socialite who practices how to die gracefully, emerges a chaotic and unexpected romance, instigated by a house full of cupids and a humorous maid who discovers the true reason for Monserrate’s trip to Colombia.